Untold Stories

“Crystal City Pilgrimage” (2019, 16 min.) by Alan Kondo. Crystal City was the largest multinational family concentration camp, holding not only Japanese Americans, but thousands of Japanese who were kidnapped by the U.S. government from 13 Latin American countries. The pilgrimage links this history to the targeting and detention of minority immigrant families by the federal government today. Featuring discussion with filmmaker Alan Kondo of Southern California.


“Minidoka” (2019, 14 min.) by Megumi Nishikura. Young Seattle-based activist Joseph Shoji Lachman, who is fourth/fifth generation half-Japanese, sees parallels between his own family’s history and the Trump administration’s attempts to ban Muslims, refugees and immigrants. In order to understand the ordeals his family endured during WWII, Joseph travels on a pilgrimage to the Minidoka concentration camp in Hunt, Idaho. Featuring discussion with filmmaker Megumi Nishikura of Brooklyn, NY and Joseph Lachman of Seattle.


“Minidoka: An American Concentration Camp” (2019, 30 min.) by North Shore Productions. Japanese Americans were forcibly removed from their Pacific Northwest homes during WWII and then put on trains to a concentration camp in the desert of southern Idaho. “Minidoka” examines what happens when a group of Americans are imprisoned solely on the basis of race, and examines the relevance of this story today. Featuring discussion with filmmaker Rory Banyard, Hanako Wakatsuki of the Minidoka National Historic Site and Mia Russell of the Friends of Minidoka.