Songs of Remembrance

“For Joy” (2019, 15 min.) by Julian Saporiti / No-No Boy. Singer-songwriter and Ph.D. student Julian Saporiti along with his Brown University classmate Erin Aoyama travel to Hawai‘i to meet Joy Teraoka, the singer for the George Igawa Orchestra, a jazz band which formed in the WWII prison camp at Heart Mountain, Wyo. This movie tells Joy’s story and sheds light on a hidden history of the music played during the Japanese American incarceration.


Special Multimedia Concert by No-No Boy. Songs based upon memories from the concentration camp experience. Featuring Julian Saporiti and Emilia Halvorsen. 

  • San Francisco screening: Discussion to be moderated by Jana Katsuyama, KTVU-2 reporter.
  • San Jose screening: Discussion to be moderated by Roy Hirabayashi, San Jose Taiko founder.