Lessons for Today

“Resettled Roots: Legacies of Japanese Americans in Chicago” (2019, 33 min.) by Anna Takada and Maria Pimentel. “Resettled Roots” is a historical documentary that examines the vast migration of Japanese Americans to Chicago following their unconstitutional incarceration during WWII. With panelists Anna Takada and Maria Pimentel of the Japanese American Service Committee in Chicago.


“Tsuru for Solidarity History” (2019, 16 min.) edited by Emiko Omori. A compilation documenting the growing movement by Japanese Americans to speak out against U.S. concentration camps.


“Then Becoming Now” (2019, 24 min.) by Emiko Omori. The journey of three men who went from prison inmates to social activists. Seventy-seven years ago Hiroshi “Shim” Shimizu, Kaz Naganuma, and Hiroshi Fukuda met as toddlers in the Crystal City detention camp. Today, their childhood experiences motivate them to join the protest of current immigration policies of detaining and separating families in concentration camps so reminiscent of their own childhood. With panelists Emiko Omori, Hiroshi Shimizu, Kaz Naganuma and Hiroshi Fukuda.